« Enjoy the day#5 !! 🙂 »

Momochi(Cody) vs Haitani(Makoto)

Kazunoko(Seth) vs RF(Sagat)

Sako(Ibuki) vs Kindevu(Cammy)

Momochi(Cody) vs Kindevu(Cammy)

Mago(Feilong) vs Momochi(Cody)

Sako(Ibuki) vs Hatani(Makoto)

Tokido(Gouki) vs RF(Sagat)

Sako(Ibuki) vs Uryo(Sakura)

TLD5: Daigo(Ryu) vs Kazunoko(Seth)

TLD5: Bonchan(Sagat) vs Uryo(Sakura)

TLD5 Haitani(Makoto) vs Kazunoko(Seth)


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Chun-Li's 3s - Ibuki's SSF4
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9 commentaires pour TOPANGA LEAGUE DAY#5

  1. They got to your Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 videos bro haha. I hope you upload Day 4 again because that’s the only day I haven’t watched D:

  2. Nakano dit :

    hey man, tu es français? I m brazilian but I can speak the language…
    I wanted to thank u for uploading the videos and ask u something, but it is ok if u don t want it or if u don t have the time. Could u upload the matches to some storing data site like rapidshare, or maybe send them to me so I could transform into torrent for other people?? They re gonna take down everything u upload!!
    Anyway thanks again, here my msn in case u r interested, or my gmail. Thanks again for the matches! Haitani and sako are on fire oO

  3. Torrent dit :

    @Nakano, have you transform it to torrent alr ? Thanks in advance

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